Therapy Programs

 Working to develop the skills children need to gain independence

Boyer’s services are offered where your children live, learn and play, so that our supports are meaningful to your family. Therapy services are primarily provided in the child’s home and integrated in their familiar environment, and they are also provided on-site in Boyer’s therapy rooms utilizing therapeutically appropriate equipment.


Occupational and Physical Therapy

The primary aim of Boyer’s physical and occupational therapy is to assist the child’s development of motor control for functional skills important to their daily lives. Our physical and occupational therapists follow the guidelines and protocols of neurodevelopmental treatment, sensory integration, and other therapy techniques to help children learn to explore and interact with their environment. They help children develop skills such as walking, crawling, holding, or grasping for objects, and also focus on self-care activities such as eating or dressing.


Speech and Language Therapy

Boyer’s speech and language pathologists work with families to support the early cognitive skills that will lead to language development, sound production, and receptive and expressive language. A primary aim of our speech and language therapy is to help improve the way a child communicates with their parents and caregivers, through expression of their needs and wants. When needed, speech-language therapists and physical & occupational therapists deliver specialized treatment to improve oral motor function & feeding skills.


Partnership between Parents and Professionals

Since the child’s primary caregivers play such an integral part in the intervention process, our staff strive to build caregiver confidence and competence by helping them identify learning opportunities for their children. Boyer’s staff focuses on each child and family as a unique team, and works with them to develop relevant goals related to the family’s concerns. We help families develop a foundation for healthy relationships, active engagement in learning activities, and participation in daily routines.

At Boyer, the focus is always on celebrating ability. Boyer not only taught me how to advocate for my son, but how to parent him in a better way; how to let go of all the expectations and appreciate his strengths.

— Boyer parent