Nurse Coordination

Guidance and expertise when you need it

At intake, children receive a session with a registered nurse to maximize the opportunity for early identification of medical conditions. Our nurse coordinators provide consultation on health care, acute health concerns and ongoing health problems. This ensures children have primary and coordinated medical care specific to their developmental needs; assistance in dealing with specific health issues such as injuries, seizures and sudden illness; and consultation for ongoing health problems that may persist long term.

Furthermore, our medical and nursing staff conducts outreach in underserved communities to ensure all children in need of our specialized care have access to it during the critical early years of their lives.

When Charlie was little, I used to really notice the differences between him and other kids his age. Now, it’s easier to notice the similarities. Our family is so grateful that we’re able to be part of Boyer. We found an incredible team that has not only helped Charlie, but has really helped my husband and me become his best supporters and advocates.

— Caitlin, Boyer mom