Family Support Services

 Empowering parents with real solutions.

Boyer’s social worker and family resources coordinators provide support services to families including case management, counseling, parent discussion groups, individual and group therapy, and educational guest speakers. Our family support team aids parent-child bonding, assists families in navigating the system of medical and educational services available to their children, and helps parents acquire strong coping skills. Our family support services are designed to empower parents to become the best possible advocates for their child.

Developing a Plan that Maximizes a Child’s Potential

A Family Resources Coordinator is assigned to each child and family to coordinate the child’s program and to assist the parents with any questions or problems that may develop. The Family Resource Coordinator works with parents to develop an individualized and holistic plan to address the range of therapeutic, medical and educational needs of the child.

Helping Transition Children to be Successful in their Next Environment

Six months prior to transition into the public school system (usually at age three), our family resources coordinator begins the intensive process of helping families access services and resources through the public school system. In cases where the child faces multiple challenges, the school district may request that the child continue therapy services at Boyer past age three.


Support Groups for Parents

The Parents Group connects parents to other Boyer Families and is an incredible support resource. Join Fathers’ Nights, Moms 2 Moms, and Couples’ Evenings or ask us about smaller groups. Learn more about our support group offerings for caregivers, or contact for information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IFSP?

IFSP stands for Individual Family Services Plan. It is the plan that you and your Boyer treatment team will create for your child. It will guide how we work with each child based on specific goals that we will all agree on. Every child under care at Boyer has an individual and unique IFSP.

If a family is in need of help that Boyer doesn’t offer, such as emergency housing, substance abuse counseling or access to a food bank, is there anyone here who can help us?

Your Family Resources Coordinator can help you access a wide range of services outside of Boyer. Additionally our social worker can help find support for you individually.

My child is almost three. Where do we go next?

Your family resources coordinator will contact you 6 months before your child turns three to begin the transition process. Your child’s path will be determined by his/her particular needs, and your family resources coordinator will help you understand all your options. Most children exit our programs at age 3 and either transition to services through the public school system, or require no additional special education and related services. No matter what, we’ll be there to guide you through the transition process.