Our Programs & Services

Boyer is the largest provider of Birth-To-Three Services in Seattle. Our highly-skilled staff include therapists, nurses, educators, a developmental pediatrician, a social worker, and family resources coordinators. Our staff are leaders in their professions, and work as a cohesive team to help ensure a seamless, coordinated and positive experience for every family.

Nurse Coordination

Registered nurse coordinators provide each child with personalized health management, ensuring children have access to coordinated primary and specialized medical care that is specific to their developmental needs.

Medical Consultation

Whether mild or severe, developmental delays must be accurately diagnosed for children to receive the proper services and therapies. At Boyer, our medical staff conducts regular comprehensive evaluations and works closely with each child’s health-care providers to make sure needs are being met. Additionally, many new children meet one-on-one with our medical director — a developmental pediatrician — for diagnosis and evaluation of program needs.

Therapy Programs

At-home and on-site therapy, including physical, occupational and speech-language programs, help children learn to explore, eat, communicate and interact with their environment, and develop early cognitive skills. Our therapists also help families learn how to care for and play with their children in ways that encourage emerging skills


Year-round toddler playgroups, geared toward improving cognitive, communication, motor and social skills, are available one-on-one or in a group setting beginning at 10 months. Playgroups specialize in accommodating individual ability levels, enabling children with developmental delays or disabilities to learn side-by-side with typically developing peers. Our goal is for children to experience success in a variety of ways, so that each child develops self-
confidence in the ability to grow and learn.

Family Support Services

Education and assistance, provided by nurses, social workers and family resources coordinators, offer families valuable support and help them develop the necessary skills to best advocate and care for their children. Resources such as transition, interpreters and transportation coordination are also available.