Magnuson Park Clinic Now Open


hroughout our 75 year history, Boyer has remained committed to serving every family who needed our care, regardless of finances, location, or other barriers. But it had become apparent that there were families who desperately need our life-changing programs and therapies, and accessing these services has become an increasing challenge. Boyer had been operating at capacity for a number of years, and was facing the real possibility of having to turn families away at a time when they needed us the most.

This was not an acceptable option for Boyer’s staff, leadership and community donors. So in June 2016, Boyer celebrated the opening of our second clinic in Magnuson Park. “We are so proud that this new site is complete and available for our families,” says Mike Stewart, Boyer’s executive director. “This incredible achievement is an opportunity to honor Boyer’s past, and more importantly, to celebrate a future of enhanced access for families to the critical early intervention services they need.”

The new Magnuson clinic would not have been possible without the hundreds of community partners who invested in Boyer’s $1.1 Million Capital Campaign. Funds not only supported the construction of the new site, but were also applied to upgrades and renovations at the flagship Montlake location to create parity and consistency between the two locations. Click here to make a gift in support of ongoing capital needs at Boyer Children’s Clinic.

“This is a truly monumental time in Boyer’s history,” continues Mike Stewart. “We have always been committed to ensuring that all families have access our programs and therapies, and thanks to the leadership and generosity from our Board of Directors and community supporters, we are able to serve 120 more families each year. That means 900 children and families can access the treatment, support and care they need. We have listened to the feedback from our families, and I am so proud that we have been able to make this initiative a reality. And Boyer will continue to work and evolve to meet the needs of our community.”