Denise Q & A

Celebrating Denise Swanson, and her tremendous dedication to Boyer's children and families throughout her 30+ year tenure.


"Before I walked into the clinic I felt hopeless, but by the time I walked out they made me feel all things were possible."


"Above all, they welcomed us into their community with open arms, loving Emma for who she is and all the gifts that she brings to the world.”


A unique pilot program created in partnership with Mary's Place to enhance access for children with disabilities who are facing homelessness.

Carolyn K. Q&A

Celebrating our dear friend and long-time Physical Therapist, Carolyn Kates, who recently retired from Boyer after 32 years of service.


"Each time that we came to Boyer, I learned how to play with Lillian, how to have high expectations, and how to rejoice with each milestone met— how to hope for the future."