RBC Race for the Kids Calendar

Week 2 Activities

August 10th - August 16th

Thank you for joining us for the second annual RBC Race for the Kids Seattle! While we can’t join together in person, we are excited to share a full month of activities for your family to enjoy! The calendar offers fun, safe, family-friendly activities that you can do each day during the month of August. Do some yoga with a Boyer Therapist! View a special video created from our friends from Arena Sports or the Woodland Park Zoo! Bake a special kid-friendly recipe shared with us by Green Plate Special! We are proud to showcase the great work from our tremendously supportive community partners.

Mindfulness Monday: August 10th
Practice some yoga poses, naming the animals and shapes your body forms. (i.e. tree, cobra, etc.)

Tasty Tuesday: August 11th
From our friends at The Hartman Group: Have an outdoor (or indoor) picnic with your favorite summer fruits and veggies! Talk about the colors, shapes, tastes, and textures!

Workout Wednesday: August 12th
Create an obstacle course with these tips from our friends at Arena Sports!

Thankful Thursday: August 13th
Create your own pinwheel by using these directions and this template. Fill your sheet with fun colors, shapes, and words of gratitude.

Funday Friday: August 14th
Make a fort out of a box! Watch this video of Nancy, a Boyer Occupational Therapist, as she shows you how!

Social Saturday: August 15th
Challenge a friend (or your team captain!) to see who can do the most pushups or jumping jacks in 2 minutes.

Self-Care Sunday: August 16th
Disconnect and take a break from electronics today.


By joining us for the virtual RBC Race for The Kids, you will help Boyer’s staff respond to our families’ rapidly-evolving needs. You will help ensure that families receive vital care – without interruption – during this most critical time of their child’s brain development. You will help alleviate anxiety our families might have around accessing care. You will help Boyer families continue to thrive.

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