didn’t get to hold Scarlett for almost two weeks after she was born, and due to her Cerebral Palsy diagnosis, we were told that there would be many things she’d never be able to do. Since our first day with Boyer, Scarlett has exceeded every expectation. Gay and MaryEllen refused to limit her to her diagnosis, and instead continued to challenge and guide her abilities. They are so gentle with her, but they also push her to understand she is capable of so much. The therapy we receive from Boyer is critical to Scarlett’s growth. However, Boyer is much more than early intervention to our family; the support we have received is invaluable. They have guided us through difficult transitions, helped us to navigate medical systems, and acted as advocates when we’ve felt unsure or overwhelmed. Today when I look at Scarlett, I see a girl who constantly proves she is capable of more than anyone could have imagined.”

– Ceraya K. (Scarlett’s mom)