his is our 22-month old daughter, Katya. At nine months old she wasn’t able to sit up or eat solid foods, nor was she babbling or making eye contact. Our pediatrician became concerned, and referred us to early intervention services on the Naval Base in Japan, where we were living at the time. Our resources and support were really limited, however. A developmental pediatrician diagnosed Katya with global developmental delay and low muscle tone. He told us that if we had the opportunity to move back to Seattle, we should. We connected with Boyer Children’s Clinic and prepared for our international move.

Now, Katya attends Boyer’s developmental preschool and receives occupational, physical, and speech therapies. In the six months since we’ve moved back, Katya has made tremendous progress with help from her team at Boyer. Her therapists and teachers are wonderful, caring individuals that have provided us much-needed help and support. She’s now scooting around on her own, eating well, and talking up a storm! We are so thankful that we moved back to Seattle and had the opportunity to become a part of the Boyer community.”

Betta — Boyer mom