ur daughter, Kate, was born at term but was very sick at birth from a placental abruption, and spent a week in the NICU to get stabilized. As a baby, we noticed Kate was not using her right arm, hand, or leg, and at nine months she was not reaching milestones like sitting up on her own or attempting to crawl.

Kate started at Boyer as a one year old in the early-intervention program. While at Boyer, she was diagnosed with right-side hemiplegia cerebral palsy. She started receiving physical and occupational therapy each week – and Kate thought the therapies were a fun playtime!

Thanks to the early direct occupational and physical therapy, and the therapists’ advice on how to work with her on a daily basis, Kate grew stronger each week.  She began crawling and then walking. Along the way, she became more confident and capable in her physical abilities and learned how to find ‘her own way’ to do things.

Kate is now nine years old, and this past year she surprised us by learning how to ride a bike without training wheels, and is now even learning to snowboard! Amazing, considering her challenges with balance and asymmetrical motor skill.

We believe the early intervention she received at Boyer was instrumental in her reaching milestones and helped her young brain adapt and compensate. We are so thankful for the early-intervention program and for Boyer’s work with kids with CP.”

-Tammy E. (Kate’s mom)