Being a part of the Boyer family doesn’t end when a child turns three. Many families stay connected through participation in parent groups and the annual Summer Picnic, our Inspiring Journeys Auction, and even visits with former therapists and teachers. We are honored that these relationships continue, because it means that Boyer has made a real and lasting impact on our families. We are also grateful when parents allow us to share their family’s Boyer story with our friends and supporters. Below is an update from Andrea, an alumni mom. Her son received services at Boyer, and she continues to support the organization as a member of our Parent Advisory Committee.


hen Gus was a little over a year, we hired a new nanny. Beyond her Mary Poppins-like talents, the thing that we will always be the most grateful for is that she had the guts to speak up when she noticed some behaviors that might require additional supports. We were first time parents, so everything was new and normal to us at the same time – it was hard news to hear. She had experience working with kids with developmental delays, so coupled with her observations about Gus, she also shared with us some trusted resources – and Boyer Children’s Clinic was top of the list.

Gus qualified for speech therapy, special education services, and eventually joined the preschool when he was 2 ½ with additional occupational therapy. Along the way, our family also benefited: through access to Boyer’s resources and the family coordinators that made navigating our uncertain journey easier; the opportunity to connect directly with other Boyer families; and simply by learning through observation as the talented Boyer staff worked with Gus. After only a few short months, Gus had made such incredible growth that we weren’t even sure he would qualify for continued support.

He’s almost five years old now, Gus is as energetic and big-hearted as ever – and couldn’t be a better example of the difference that easily-accessible early intervention services can make.”