e brought our son, Ethan, home from China when he was 15 months old. Having spent the majority of his young life at an orphanage up until then, Ethan could not crawl, walk, or chew solid food when we first met him. His lack of fine motor ability meant a lot of ‘raking’ at toys as opposed to grasping, or manipulating, and he was non-verbal.

Our pediatrician referred us to Boyer, and we were quickly connected with several therapists, physical, occupational and feeding. As first-time parents, it was invaluable to have Boyer therapists teach us how to help Ethan develop, and give us tips and tools to work with him in between sessions. We often felt we gained more from his therapy as parents than our son did!

Perhaps most importantly, Ethan had a blast with all his therapists. They knew how to engage him, despite a complete lack of verbal and many motor skills, and to motivate him to learn and stretch. Boyer’s flexibility to do home visits made it possible for us as a dual career family to take full advantage of the support Ethan was eligible for, and allowed us as parents to step away from work for a limited amount of time and be present during the sessions.

We were with Boyer for a long enough time that some of our therapists moved on. At first we were quite anxious, as we thought we simply lucked out with the quality of care from our team. However, it quickly became evident that all Boyer staff came with the same amazing amount of expertise, care, and impact.

We are deeply and forever grateful for everything Boyer did for our family to help our son grow into the thriving 4 year old that he is today.”

-Jean & Owen, Ethan’s parents