Emily’s Story


ur family has had a long relationship with Boyer over the past 5 years. Our daughter, Cora, was born with a rare genetic disorder that carried a life expectancy of 6-12 months. We decided to bring a Boyer therapist on board to join our family’s team to help us find ways to give her the best quality of life, promote comfort, and help her just be a beautiful little baby doing baby things during her time with us on Earth. Gay was such a gentle, comforting person in our lives and helped us identify ways to play and interact with our daughter so we could just focus on being a family together. She helped me feel like I was doing everything I could as a parent for my daughter, and she treated Cora with such respect — it was a gift.

When our son was born with a different rare disorder and needed a feeding tube, we again reached out to Boyer for support, this time for feeding and speech. Tina was an absolute star and really supported Rory’s progress all the way to him recovering from surgery, weaning from his feeding tube, and graduating from speech therapy!

I have truly been so touched and inspired by the support services we received from Boyer for our family that I felt compelled to join the Boyer family myself! I am now providing support for others as an Occupational Therapist with Boyer, and I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing community.”

– Emily
Alumni Mom & Boyer Occupational Therapist