hen Dennis was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 16 months old, we felt scared and lost. The first step in our journey was a referral to the therapy program and playgroup at Boyer Children’s Clinic.

Boyer gave us a place to go and start a routine. It helped us feel like we were on track and in good hands working toward Dennis’s goals. I feel a true sense of compassion, understanding and kindness from the staff at Boyer. Kimberly Kendall, Emma Coen, Susan O’Leary, Kathryn Thomas and Burnley Danner have been on ‘Team Dennis,’ and have been instrumental in his amazing progress and in the overall well-being of our family. They have helped us navigate through various therapy decisions, behavioral challenges and through the transition process into Seattle Public Schools as Dennis is about to turn three. I love the Boyer family so much that I have enrolled my 18 month old daughter in the playgroup because I am not yet ready for our family to have to say goodbye.

Boyer has forever changed our life and outlook on what raising a child with special needs can be. Thank you for supporting such an exceptional place.”

–Miranda (Dennis’ mom)