Family Spotlight: Avi’s Story

It is an honor when families share their Boyer journeys. It serves as a reminder that while our organization is recognized for our leading-edge, innovative care, we’re equally known for our compassionate and dedicated staff who are deeply invested in the amazing families we serve.

“I’m writing to express my gratitude for everything the Boyer Clinic has done for my family and our new son, Avi. Avi was born with tongue tie, lip tie, and buccal ties as well as torticollis that led to right side plagiocephaly. After an insufficient frenotomy we were still struggling to make progress.

Sara Zeiler began seeing Avi in October, and it was a huge help. Once she began seeing us, we understood the landscape of options available to us, and more than that, we felt empowered to make the right choices for our family. We did need to take Avi back in for a frenectomy, and Sara really tried to understand why we were hesitant and to address our specific needs. Sara has also made us feel that we are capable and resourced – every time she leaves, we have a handful of impactful (but manageable!) actions that we can take to help Avi for the week ahead. We needed targeted help from Boyer to get Avi through these early months, and I am so grateful for the clear guidance and deep compassion Sara and her colleagues Tina and Mina have brought into our home.”

–Sarah S. (Avi’s mom)