Family Stories

We always appreciate when our families share their Boyer stories. Not only does it help current and future families, but also gives our community partners insight into the impact of early intervention and the care that Boyer provides. If you would like to share your journey, please contact


"I have experienced many challenges during my lifetime, but have learned to always keep moving forward, working towards new goals, and overcoming failure."


Noah faces significant mobility challenges, but thanks to his Go Baby Go car, he is learning to move independently.


Shannon and her husband Jon adopted Brette when she was a one day old. While she was tiny, everything seemed normal; but as she got older, Brett was not reaching typical milestones. She began [...]


“Our family is so grateful that we’re able to be part of Boyer,” says Caitlin. “We found an incredible team that has not only helped Charlie, but has really helped my husband and me become his [...]


With Boyer' s support and guidance we have been able reach our goals that allow us to better bond, communicate, and care for our daughter. We are very grateful and fortunate with the services [...]


When Sammy was born, we were completely taken by surprise when we discovered he had multiple congenital anomalies. And now, with the help of Boyer, he is now a thriving 2 year old who is [...]


"I’m so appreciative of Amy, Olive’s teacher, and Nancy, her occupational therapist. They’ve really helped us so much through this journey."


"We are so thankful that we moved back to Seattle and had the opportunity to become a part of the Boyer community."


Gus is as energetic and big-hearted as ever - and couldn't be a better example of the difference that easily-accessible early intervention services can make.