Thank you Mary-Ellen for your amazing dedication and energy over the last 30 years!


Celebrating 30 Years of Service

Boyer Children’s Clinic is extremely fortunate and unique among other Early Intervention Centers to have someone who is able to work with children with cortical visual impairments. Mary-Ellen Buchanan is one of the most inspirational people I have met. I have worked with her for 25 of her 30 -years tenure at Boyer and I am always grateful and inspired by her energy and dedication.

I am especially grateful for her expertise in working with children with vision impairment, including children with cortical vision impairment. I have observed children when they begin services with her, following through until their third birthday. By the time the children leave Boyer, I see them interacting with her and, using their visual system to choose a favorite activity, vocalizing for choices, and interacting in the classroom routine.

She works with all children, including those with no vision at all, and has provided education and instruction to the Boyer staff in techniques to assist and help these children. Her energy level is unparalleled. She demands massive participation from each child, and I have had the privilege of watching the children step up to her demands.

As a physical therapist I am particularly grateful that she is often able to start services when a child is only 2-3 months of age, while the child is still in the most critical stage of development. She is able to get the family and child started on activities at this early age thereby increasing the likelihood of reaching their full potential as adults.

Boyer is extremely fortunate to have Mary-Ellen as part of the professional staff, and the families and staff members who work with her are also lucky to reap the benefit of learning from her.

-Carolyn Kates
Physical Therapist
Boyer Children’s Clinic

Read more about Mary-Ellen in her interview with Janet Pelz, author of the blog How Does She Do It?

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