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Boyer believes there is a critical window of time for children with special needs to receive life-changing services that will impact their health, education and social development for their lifetime. Birth to five is the most influential timeframe in a child’s development.

Neurodevelopmental Centers (NDCs), such as Boyer, in Washington State are the critical link for families to access specialized therapies and medical consultation for young children. In the early 1980s, Washington’s Department of Health established a network of 6 hospitals and 10 local nonprofits to provide early intervention services.

Due to the unique nature of NDC interventions, high-impact results and long-term savings on society, Medicaid Washington’s Health Care Authority designated a specific allocation for birth to three therapies for NDCs from any previous managed care model. Currently, NDCs receive funding from the Department of Health, with a $1,300,000 allocation in the state budget over the next two years.

In the proposed biennium budget, the Department of Health is threatening to eliminate the specific designation of $1,300,000 to fund NDCs. Boyer’s Executive Director, Mike Stewart, has met with several legislators and expressed the importance of this essential funding source. Please consider emailing or contacting your Legislator to share your Boyer story so they can understand how critical these funds are!