From a Boyer Alumni Father

William A. provides an update on his son, now 12 years old.

"My name is William, and I am currently a Psych Major at Eastern Washington University and a single father. I am currently in Psych-240 (Abnormal child and adolescent psychology) learning about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). While I must confess that I never intend to work with children, at this point in my education, I still have professional and personal reasons for wanting this knowledge.

About 9 years ago (2006-2008) my son, Damien, was a client of the Boyer Clinic working with Brooke and Bill Scott. Now, as I sit and learn about the treatment and prognosis for children with ASD I realize more and more that if it was not for Boyer and the professionals that have dedicated their lives to children like mine, my son would not be the happy, healthy, twelve-year-old boy he is today.

I know that your gratification must come on a daily basis, from the beautiful children you teach, but I wanted to allow you the opportunity to hear about some of the long-term impacts the Boy Clinic is making.

Thanks to you, my son has been removed/graduated from the Auburn school district's special education program and is now in the 6th grade general education classes at Cascade Middle School, he has a social life, and the unofficial, long-term prognosis is anyone's guess because Damien has already surpassed all long-term goals and expectations.

We are still dealing with some social issues and there are days of frustration, but the truth of the matter is there minuscule in comparison to the hurdles he has overcome, and this would not be if it was not for you."

-William A.