Meet Claire: From 90 days in the NICU to Climbing Stairs

In honor of our 75th Anniversary in this community, we continue to share with you stories from Boyer parents – current and alumni. We are grateful for these families who choose to share their incredible stories to inspire others! When you make a gift to Boyer, your investment changes lives. You are making a real and lasting difference for those we serve, and for families like Claire’s!

"Working with Boyer has been more than a breath of fresh air, it has been life support. Claire was born three months early, weighed less than 2lbs, and spent the first 91 days of her life in the NICU. She came home from the hospital with a nasal gastric feeding tube. Claire is now two years old. She still has a feeding tube and her preferred mode of transportation is bottom-scooting.

Claire loves working with both of her therapists - Gay for physical therapy and Linnea for occupational therapy. With Boyer’s help, Claire was able to sit on her own by the time she was one year corrected age. Today she can pull herself to stand, climb stairs, and walk while holding someone's hand.

Thanks to the amazing work of Claire's therapists, Claire was ready for Seattle Children's Intensive Feeding Program in September. She now is able and willing to eat with her mouth! Her favorite food is coconut milk vanilla yogurt with creamy peanut butter.

Having a child with feeding and motor delays can feel extremely isolating. Our weekly home visits are something we look forward to each week. The encouragement and education that they provide is priceless, and the care and compassion they share with Claire is life changing."

Sarah — Boyer mom

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