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Catherine Golden

Why she gives, a donor shares her story.

I first came into contact with the Boyer Children’s Clinic in March of 2008 when I babysat for Randy and Dana Wootton’s two sons: Graham and Spencer. Graham, the Wootton’s oldest son, received services from Boyer and as I got to know their family better, I learned how much this organization helped Dana and Randy navigate Graham’s undefined developmental delay.

Like many parents who come to Boyer, the Wootton’s were scared, confused, and worried about their son. But, they praised the help and hope they received through the services and clinicians at Boyer. In 2010 and 2011, Randy and Dana invited me to sit with them at their table at Boyer’s Annual Gala Auction in honor of Graham. I was proud to attend but had no idea how much those two nights would impact me.

As I listened to Sherman Alexie poignantly share his son’s experiences at Boyer, I was impressed that these families were able to celebrate the lives of their children, while also making room to acknowledge the inevitable struggles that came with helping a child with a developmental delay or neuromuscular disorder. In the midst of it all, Boyer was there to help these families navigate this difficult terrain and no family was turned away that could not pay. I was deeply moved.

This past summer, I was in search for a nonprofit to volunteer my time. I wanted to work with an organization that did great work, but where I also had a personal connection. An opportunity came up for me to volunteer with Boyer’s Director of Development, Sarah Suhadolnik, and it made perfect sense for me to get involved given my love for the Woottons and the amazing work that Boyer does for so many families in the community.

Last year, I volunteered my time to assist with PR projects and in October, I attended the auction on behalf of my former company, Slalom Consulting. For the third year in a row, I stood up with other friends and family members of Boyer children in honor of my favorite alum, Graham Wootton. I am grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization that impacts so many lives. Thank you, Boyer, for all that you do.

Written by,
Catherine Golden
Project Designer
Oxygen Learning

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