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Boyer launches innovative partnership with Arena Sports

Thanks to an innovative partnership between Boyer Children’s Clinic and Arena Sports – and grant support from Safeco Insurance – a new, sensory-friendly opportunity was recently introduced at Arena Sports’ Magnuson Park Facility. And on Friday, June 16th, over 40 current and Alumni families came to help celebrate the new program launch, while celebrating Boyer’s 75th anniversary.

Over the past six months, staff at Boyer and Arena Sports have worked to implement the following staff training opportunities and support projects collaborated to design and implement the Sensory-Friendly FunZone Program. Key components of the program include:

·Decreased occupancy within the Inflatable FunZone during select hours to provide more space for each family.

·Visual supports including arrows and stop signs to provide children with clear directions on how to enter and exits the Inflatable FunZone apparatus.

·A designated “chill out” room separate from the inflatables area where children and families can go to take a break when needed. The space includes floor mats, bean bag chairs and books.

·A FunZone Story Book that caregivers can use to familiarize their child with the Inflatable FunZone experience prior to their visit. The Story Book narrates the FunZone experience and sequence via simple text and photos.

·Specialized training and education for Arena Sports employees provided by Boyer staff related to best practices in supporting the participation of children with diverse sensory needs and developmental abilities.

The launch of this pilot program coincided with Boyer’s 75th anniversary “birthday” celebration for current and alumni families, which was held at Arena Sports in Magnuson Park. Q13 Fox news covered the event, and the story can be viewed here. Thank you again to Arena Sports and Safeco in providing such a wonderful, fun and inclusive environment for our community!