GiveBIG was a Success!

You Helped us Raise $21,000 in One Day with GiveBIG.

Thank you so much for your incredible support to Boyer Children’s Clinic during the GiveBIG event. Your commitment to our community is tremendous and we are so grateful.

In total, we have raised over $21,000 through The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG event in support of children with special needs and their families!

Thank you again! We are proud to have earned your support and hope we can continue to build a community committed to promoting inclusion, accessibility and equitable access to high-quality early intervention services for children and families today and decades ahead.

For over 70 years, Boyer has been strongly committed to providing care for special needs children during the most critical time in their development, when early intervention services have the greatest impact in the few first years of life. With your support during GiveBIG Boyer is able to help each child reach his or her maximum potential.

Thank you!

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Donate now during GiveBIG and a portion of your donation will be matched by Seattle Foundation!

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Boyer Children’s Clinic improves the quality of life of children with neuromuscular disorders or other developmental delays by providing the best solutions for each child and family.

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Are you concerned with a child's movement, play, language or feeding skills? Call our Intake Coordinator at 206-325-8477 or email us below. Anyone can refer a child to Boyer Children's Clinic.

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